Summer School for children, led with artist Kaitlin Ferguson, in collaboration with scientists and geologists from the University of East Anglia. 

Each year the programme organised around central themes of habitat loss, pollution, invasive species and climate change. It explored these through focus on different subjects linked to the Sainsbury Centre Collection and the local landscape, from looking at maps and cross-sections to deep time, future imaginations and the invisible. Activites took place in the educational studio, UEA grounds and biology labs, and included painting with bacteria, river mapping, bird nest design for climate change, bee dance choreography, water research boat building, sensory satellite drawing and weather machine design. 

Collaboration was a guiding concept for the week: between art, science, technology and design, between the working methods used in each, between the children as they worked on projects together. The school culminated in an exhibition curated by the children, and an opening which brought all the different collaborators involved together.