BASE Artist In Residence at ‘999 A Collection of Questions about Contemporary Living’ Triennale Di Milano, Milan, Italy


By The Metre

Linea Dei Fontanili



Where does the city end and the home begin? 

The HOMEGROWN project explored the various layers of living spaces within the city, and how they intersect. The projrect was developed in a studio space within the exhibition, where visitors were invited to contribute to the work through conversation and creative workshops.

We drew postcards imagining what was there before our homes and what will be there in the future, we  modelled street furniture based on favourite home objects, and mapped the home from memory. 

The residency culminated in a screening of Linea Dei Fontanili, display of Hometime, and the drawings which went on to become the Balcony publication. 

Modelling street furniture for the city based on home furniture

Workshop at BASE, on mapping the home