A soundwork in 3 parts / Each 10 minutes long


Commissioned by Archipel Radio.
Each episode originally broadcast on Cola Bora Dio (88.4FM in Berlin & 90.7FM in Potsdam) and online 

part of WAVE MACHINES project

If We're Moving Fast Enough imagines the formation of a wave, following a journey from where it starts out in the middle of the ocean to where it arrives at the shoreline. The piece stems from a collaborative research project with scientists Malene Hovgaard Vested and Asger Bendix Hansen, exploring the generation and measurement of waves, out at sea and in the Hydraulic Laboratory at the Technical University of Denmark.

The project navigates the ways distance and time are collapsed in this process, when a natural phenomena is recreated in another context. The piece is based on conversation and recordings at the Hydraulic Laboratory and field recordings from research trips around the Danish and English coastlines, while on land and out at sea.