Isle Of Ely School, Ely UK

A project encompassing two commissions and long term collaboration with the students, parents and staff. The project was initiated on the occasion of the new school being opened.

The first commission ON THE MAP was for a permanent artwork inside the school buildings. The sculptures were developed through workshops with each group, mapping the school, designing and modelling symbols for what was already there, and what they’d like to find there in the future. The map designs covered everything from playground furniture and wildlife to weather, remembered events and where treasure was located.

Everyones symbols and designs were collated into two maps, positioned at each entrance to the school. On one of these maps the symbols were modelled in fimo modelling clay, on the other they were painted. The positioning of the symbols differed between the two maps, and was based on where all the participants mapped the symbols in the workshops.

The second commission CLOUD CANOPY was for a permanent artwork outside in the school grounds. The sculptures were also developed through workshops, observing the view from the proposed work location, and then using these drawings to design and model sculptures. The four sculptures were modelled on the students weather observations and knowledge, and installed with the school in attendance throughout the day. The installation was accompanied with a screenprinted poster edition, collecting the students drawings together.