hand-blown glass, sand 
dimensions variable

Glass by Marie Breyen Hauschildt

Exhibited in BODY CLOCKSNovo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR), Copenhagen, DK, 2023

Currently on display in The Appendix Room, Medcinsk Museion, Copenhagen, DK

Install photos: David Stjernholm

A series of objects re-imagining the organs of the body as hourglasses, each measuring their own time. 

Model Systems moves away from images of the body clock as mechanical timepiece. The work tries to reconcile the complex, rhythmic and cyclical nature of the body with the characteristics of a timepiece for measuring time. 

We are both made of time and subject to time. The work plays with this tension, organs as timepieces that each function according to their forms. The shape of organs determines how time flows. Stops and starts, moves slowly and fast, in bends and folds.

Made in collaboration with glass artist Marie Breyen Hauschildt.

Poster for display at Medicinsk Museion

Circadian scientist Amy with the hourglasses