vinyl decals
dimensions variable

Exhibited in BODY CLOCKS, Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR), Copenhagen, DK

Install photos: David Stjernholm

The rhythms of our body clocks are intimately connected to the outside world. Through zeitgebers our internal world is in conversation with our environment, the rotation of the earth setting our clocks in motion. 

Heart, muscle, fat, liver - tissues studied by circadian scientists, are scaled up and change shape in sequence to reflect the phases of the moon, eyes opening and closing, a petri dish, whole or broken.  The sleep cycle mapped onto the rotation of the earth.
Something deep inside us takes on the form of something very far away. 

Displayed on the windows between the meeting rooms and the laboratories at CBMR, the colours  reflect blue electric light, yellow sunlight and the red laboratory light the scientists use to remove the influence of light altogether.