HD film with sound / 22 minutes


Premiered at Crosscuts Environmental Science Film Festival, Stockholm

Published in ‘Ruptured Times’ Annals of Crosscuts – Films of Environmental Humanities, Publication

The Burning tracks the making, moving and breaking of waves in the Hydraulic Laboratory at the Technical University of Denmark. It follows two researchers as they generate and measure ocean conditions in order to comprehend the motion of a wave. The friction between the laboratory and the outside world drives an enquiry into how the approximations necessary for a measurable simulation distort reality. The researchers navigate their desire for their subject while searching for understanding. Something in constant motion is held still for a moment. The Burning explores how this staticity opens up a space to relate to remote phenomena, while also further distancing it from our grasp.

Part of WAVE MACHINES, a project developed in collaboration with DTU researcher Malene Hovgaard Vested.