Alcune volte c’è il sole altre la luna
(translated: sometimes there is the sun, other times the moon)

dimensions variable

part of Playing Ground project at BASE, Milan, IT

Funded by Fondazione Maurizio Fragiacomo, with a
contribution from Statens Kunstfond and technical sponsor Milano Signs

Night photos: Gregorio Adezati 
What if we imagine the city is in as much motion as we are? Things change continuously, the sun shines or it rains, tree roots grow, buildings go up and are torn down. Now what if we also imagine the city could speak, and we could understand what it was saying?

The artwork text is adapted from one of the childrens descriptions of the city of the future, a place that can both move and speak. The colours of the work, beach sand yellow and ocean blue, are inspired by the childrens longing for the sea. If the city could move, they reason, we could move closer to it. Patterns accompanying the text reflect the sea, telephone wires and handwriting exercises, evoking wave motion, communication and the process of learning how to express yourself.

If the city could speak, what would it say, and how might we listen?

Artwork translation: This city can move and it can also speak